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In a recent webinar with Jabmo and SiriusDecisions, Jenn Grabenstetter from Sealed Air discussed her revolutionary campaign to focus her target accounts on the Second Moment of Truth (SMOT), bringing packaging design decisions into earlier stages of the product development cycle.
The SMOT is one of four moments of truth every marketer knows by heart:

  • Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT): The moment a potential customer begins researching a product or service.
  • First Moment of Truth (FMOT): The moment a potential customer decides to become a customer by making a purchase.
  • Second Moment of Truth: The moment after a purchase has been made, when the customer decides whether a product or service has lived up to expectations.
  • Last/Ultimate Moment of Truth (L/UMOT): The moment a customer chooses to become an advocate—or critic—by rating and reviewing their purchase.

Sealed Air’s packaging products have the potential to surprise and delight the end consumer who may make a purchase online, causing a delay between the FMOT and SMOT—meaning greater potential for a loyalty-triggering experience to happen after a period of anticipation while they wait for their package to arrive.
Grabenstetter found that Sealed Air’s customers were often so focused on winning the sale at the FMOT that they failed to integrate wow-factor packaging designs into product development, a frequently-overlooked step that gratifies consumers throughout their purchase journeys, specifically at the SMOT.
Sealed Air’s own marketing strategy reflects a commitment to delighting customers at every moment of truth, not just the late-stage ones. A customer who doesn’t understand a key problem your products solve—or worse yet, a customer who doesn’t know you exist—will never count you among their consideration sets during the ZMOT. Without early-stage consideration, you’ll never have the opportunity to exceed their expectations later on.
ABM lives in the ZMOT, enabling leading B2B marketers to reach key decision makers with personal, relevant content to guide them through the buying cycle. To learn more about how Sealed Air leveraged ABM to begin customer outreach earlier—and what other manufacturers can learn from their journey—watch the webinar recording.

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