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Quick, name these tech companies that were originally started with different names:

  • Quantum Computer Services
  • Back Rub
  • Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo
  • Auction Web
  • Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation
  • Confinity

The only thing constant in technology is change. So, if you haven’t been by our site in a little while, you’ve probably noticed a bit of a change here (for you first-timers, welcome to Jabmo!). For several years, since launching our company to revolutionize B2B marketing, we’ve been operating under the brand Azalead. It’s catchy enough and puts us near the top of alphabetical listings.
But as we have fine-tuned our focus and enhanced our approach to account-based marketing, we realized that we also needed to change how the world views us. Given our specific emphasis on helping global manufacturers adapt more efficient sales and marketing solutions, we realized we needed a brand and identity that spoke to that market sector more directly. Something a bit more powerful and sturdy, and more reflective of the impact we have on increasing sale efficiency. After much to’ing and fro’ing, we settled on Jabmo. We feel like the new logo, color scheme, name and tag line – Industrial-strength Account-based Marketing – will resonate more with the companies we are helping move along the Industry 4.0 curve.
As importantly, and perhaps even more obviously, we want to make it clear that the concept of “leads” is not in our vision for how industrial companies should be growing their businesses. Instead, our solution, and the direction we help companies move, is all about identifying, targeting, educating and nurturing the best prospects in your customer base, even those that are visiting you anonymously. In fact, especially those – as they are forming preferences and making buying decisions before you even get a chance to engage with them.
That’s much different than trying to collect as many leads as possible with an email campaign or at a trade show. Less is more in the new world order of B2B marketing, so it made sense for us to drop the “lead” part of our name altogether.
And we’ve replaced it with the term that is at the core, literally, of our new name: ABM. That’s what forms the heart of our new company name Jabmo.
Branding changes can mean different things for different companies – oftentimes a pivot in strategy, a transition in products, or complete change in business model. For us, it’s about reinforcing our focus on ABM and, in particular, how we develop highly targeted sales and marketing solutions for industrial companies. These are companies in transition from a marketing standpoint that need to eke every bit of efficiency out of how they position themselves to their customers. They are in hyper competitive industries and the buying process within their customer base is changing dramatically, with new influence points, committees and purchasing journeys that require creative sales approaches. We know the name of your ABM supplier is somewhat symbolic and what you really care about is a solution that makes a difference in your sales process. But we hope Jabmo comes to mind when you are ready to move to a more effective B2B marketing strategy.
Nothing else really changes with us – still forward-looking and innovative technology, great customer support and hands-on services to help get the most out of ABM – and build a more effective sales process.
We hope you like our new name, and don’t worry, it will grow on you. Just ask the guys at Back Rub, errr Google.
Other answers: Quantum Computer Services = AOL; Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo = Sony; Auction Web = eBay; Computer Tabulating Recording Company = IBM; Confinity = PayPal.

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