3 Ways Fleet-Management Companies Are Differentiating in 2018

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    1. Focusing on value, not price. Buying organizations have wised up and are willing to look away from list price and toward the value a fleet company delivers to their organizations. Have statistics about how your fleet program boosts employee retention or your fuel management program detects and prevents abuse? Use them! Your buyers will pay more for programs that deliver increased value to their business.
    1. Competing on services. Accident management, tire management, maintenance management: your customers don’t have the the bandwidth or expertise to manage these programs alone, and their employees simply may not do the required maintenance without intervention. Show your customers you’re providing services to protect their fleet investment.
  1. Making the case to everyone who matters. The buying group for fleet purchases has grown. Everyone from HR to logistics has a stake in these decisions, so they’re now at the table. One-to-one email marketing works—but only with the contacts you’re able to reach. ABM helps you reach the entire buying committee with personalized, relevant messaging, so you don’t leave out any important influencers.

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