Clean Eating 2.0: 4 Consumer Trends Impacting Ingredients Producers

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      1. Customers will pay extra for a clean label. In fewer than five years, a slight preference for clean, natural-sounding ingredient lists among a specific subset of consumers has grown into a full-out demand. A recent study shows that 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products that contain only ingredients they recognize.
      1. “Mindful choices” go beyond the label. A leading food and beverage formulations consulting firm has named “mindful choices” the leading consumer food trend for 2018. Innova Market Insights defines mindful choices as the consumer trend toward demanding a farm-to-fork understanding of the environmental, ethical, and health impacts of the food they buy and consume.
      1. Reformulations work better on non-flagship products. Coke tastes like Coke, and consumers are reluctant to give up their lifelong comfort foods (and beverages) in favor of something with a cleaner label. When it comes to clean-label reformulation, “commodity” products with less brand loyalty are more likely to attract new buyers with clean labels.
      1. B2C F&B companies who haven’t cleaned up their labels may be reaching a tipping point. Companies who hoped to wait out the clean-label fad and avoid the expensive equipment changeover often associated with reformulations must address this newly legitimized trend—and it’s not going away any time soon. Ingredients companies have opportunities to educate these potential customers with the clean-label reformulation options they have available, emphasizing the ease of transitioning to these products. ABM can help ingredients companies reach the entire buying committee at F&B companies using personal, relevant messaging to encourage committees to reach buying decisions sooner.


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