Plastics & Specialty Chemicals

Formulating Success: ABM for Specialty Chemicals

The specialty-chemicals industry is expected to reach a whopping $470B by 2020, with specialty coatings comprising over a quarter of the market. R&D is responsible for driving much of this industry growth and profitability, but it has also fueled increased merger activities and specialization. Several challenges have arisen in the...

Buying in the Specialty Chemicals Industry

As buyers seek increasingly specialized product formulations from specialty chemical suppliers, those suppliers must reach decision makers within their target accounts earlier than ever in order to ensure their formulations are included in product design specifications. ABM is helping specialty chemical companies reach the influencers that matter.

4 Ways the Plastics Industry Is Changing

The housing & construction boom is driving increased revenue. Though the overall manufacturing industry is in decline, downstream buyers in the construction industry are boosting revenues for plastics manufacturers. Coinciding with this revenue boost however, has come a deflationary effect on prices, yielding lower margins and relatively flat profits. It’s...