Jabmo ABM is for both Marketing and Sales

Working in Sales is hard. It can be frustrating. And here’s the best part: it’s not getting easier any time soon. It’s more than time for a paradigm shift: it’s time for Jabmo ABM.

You’ve seen this story before: marketing searches out new solutions for age-old marketing problems. Marketing secures a new platform that addresses long-standing marketing challenges and Sales gets another promise that a new marketing platform will help solve long-standing sales challenges. Except it doesn’t.

This time? This time it actually is different: Jabmo ABM is the first marketing platform developed to help both marketing and sales as the two endeavor to reimagine what the future holds for both teams in the digital age.

Since our 2014 inception, Jabmo has been dedicated to finding solutions that improve on traditional marketing approaches and match our marketing technology with a value-added toolset that aligns marketing with sales and boosts sales efficiency, productivity, and selling power.

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Jabmo Helps Sales Face the Challenge of Buying Groups

The most prominent challenge facing Sales today is bigger, more complex buying groups with an overwhelming number of stakeholders purposely remaining anonymous as they research products and services online as they would in the B2C sector. These decision-makers simply don’t want the interaction with Sales that was the hallmark of a previous B2B sales environment. 95% of buyers prefer to remain anonymous. Even more impactful, a full 60% of those who do choose to self-identify by way of filling out an online form are 90% of the way through their buying journey (!). Those are rough odds for even the most experienced and skilled B2B sales professional.

And let’s face it: Sales was never really all that enthused about the individual leads they’ve been given. For good reason: even the hottest lead was always a long shot and now even less certain as the influence of an individual buyer has been eclipsed by larger, more organizationally complex, and nearly anonymous buying groups.

Jabmo Boosts Internal Communication, Aligning Marketing & Sales

And still other challenges come from within: marketing misalignment with Sales in the form of data dumps that bury buying signals, too little insight leaving the guesswork to Sales on buying group intent, and lack of timely data leaving Sales out of the loop when buying cycles are ramping up to an outcome.

We listened to Sales when building Jabmo. We listen to this day and that’s why Jabmo features a broad ranging suite of sales enablement tools that continues to evolve as the challenges facing B2B sales evolve over the course of time.

An ABM Platform Built for Sales

The Jabmo ABM platform features a more nuanced approach where the focus is on buying groups rather than individual leads. Using IP/account sensing technology, we provide insight on activity at the buying group level where the multitude of signals provides clear direction on target account intent.

  • Personalized email reports direct to Sales providing actionable insight on buying group activities: highly informative, clear, concise engagement data that shows sales where buying group opportunities are forming and where the opportunity to accelerate a group of stakeholders through the buying cycle exists.
  • Surge alerts: real-time actionable data to Sales that clearly calls out rapid changes in buying group intent and readiness. Helps Sales prioritize immediate scheduling as well as prepare timely information and offers to target accounts.
  • An adherence to data precision in the form of Dynamic Intent Scoring: an industry-leading rating system wherein target accounts are scored from 0 to 100 based on a comprehensive analysis of their engagement with your brand’s marketing message, its company attributes, and other personalized filters.
  • A dedication to delivering data on platforms that make the most productivity sense: personalized emails and Salesforce integration, a platform where most sales teams are already working and thriving.
True Sales & Marketing Alignment is Possible

Jabmo understands that the greatest success for your brand rests in the alignment of marketing and sales towards common short and long term objectives. Communication is key to that alignment and our suite of sales enablement tools are centered on boosting and maintaining the quality of communication between the marketing and sales teams.

Choosing Jabmo as your account based marketing platform means that this time it really is different: both marketing and sales have a performance platform that provides equal measure unparalleled omnichannel marketing technology and sales enablement tools that are purpose built for the challenges facing today’s B2B sales team.

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Our customers love to share their success stories.

After working with over 100 of the world’s largest companies, we have helped create a lot of success stories. Whether our customers wanted to promote a new product launch, get in deeper at an existing account, land net-new contracts, and more – Jabmo has been alongside them, every step of the way.

Read through a few customer stories on our website and then reach out so an ABM strategist can start helping you plan out your own success story.

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How the Jabmo Omnichannel ABM Platform
Meets the B2B Challenge:

  • IP-based Account Targeting: marketing message focused on targets you designate
  • Omnichannel marketing: IP-based display ads, retargeting, social ads, email & website
  • Engagement data that unearths & amplifies even anonymous buying intent signals
  • Real time, concise updates that bring speed and clarity to reporting function

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