(a) Jabmo will provide the Website Platform Services in a manner consistent with general industry standards, which includes reasonable Website Platform Services interruptions due to Excusable Delays or scheduled maintenance. The Website Platform Services may be temporarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance or for unscheduled emergency maintenance, or because of other causes beyond Jabmo’s reasonable control (collectively referred to as “Excusable Delays”). Except for reasonable Website Platform Services interruptions due to Excusable Delays or regularly scheduled maintenance, the Website Platform Services shall be available not less than 99.5% of the time, on a monthly basis.

(b) Jabmo will provide the following support Website Platform Services to Customer related to the Website Platform Services for the duration of the Agreement: (a) email and telephone support regarding operation and use of the Website Platform Services during Jabmo’s normal business hours (04:00 to 19:00 ET), and (b) programming or other workaround to correct any demonstrated or replicate such errors in the Website Platform Services necessary to enable reasonable use of the Website Platform Services. Customer should promptly report any errors in the operation of the Website Platform Services to Jabmo.

(c) Jabmo shall endeavor to achieve the Availability as set forth in (a) above.  For any initial failure to achieve Availability in a rolling 6 month window, a 30 day cure period will be permitted to allow Jabmo to remedy the situation. Any subsequent failures to achieve the SLA within the window will trigger a service credit as stated below:

(i) Customer shall monitor Availability using the Jabmo Portal, and shall notify Jabmo within 10 days after the end of the preceding month of any failure. At the time of the upcoming expiration of each subscription period, Customer shall provide a report which outlines the Availability during the previous period.  Jabmo shall credit to Customer a prorated portion of the Fees paid based on the failure to achieve the Availability guarantee, calculated as follows:

Between 95% and 99.4% – 5% of the monthly fee,

Between 90% and 94.99% – 15% of the monthly fee, ‹ 90% – 25% of the monthly fee

In the event Customer renews the subscription, such credit shall be applied to the upcoming renewal period, or if Customer decides not to renew, the credit shall be forfeited.

(d) Jabmo Support Procedures: For each specific support request, Jabmo Support creates a support case and assigns the case a Support Case Ticket No. If you call or email with several different issues, we may create different numbers to track each issue. Be sure to make a note of the ticket number, and provide it on any subsequent contact regarding the issue.

(e) Support Response Times: A response means that we answer your call or email request and acknowledge your issue, then assign the issue a Support Case Ticket No. In some cases, we may need to obtain additional information from you in order to resolve the issue. Response times depend on the severity level of the issue. The support engineer will determine your problem’s severity level based on guidelines listed below:

During Business Hours (04:00 to 19:00 ET) Calls and emails will be routed directly to the Support Engineers on duty.

(f) Severity Level Definitions: The table below outlines the different severity levels of support requests, the recommended method of contact for each severity level and the associated targeted initial response time. These response times apply to all support requests submitted within normal support hours of 04:00 to 19:00 ET

Severity Level Description Recommended Contact Method First Response Time
Critical System is inoperable, not functioning; significant impact to site functionality. Call USA: +1 (737) 220-3579 or EMEA: +33 1 82 28 89 50 Within 30 minutes


High Problem impact is high; production is proceeding but in an impaired fashion. Workarounds are available. Email support(at)jabmo.com or Call USA: +1 (608) 316-6182 or EMEA: +33 1 82 28 89 50 Within 2 hours


Normal Issue does not have significant current productivity impact. Examples: product enhancements, usage questions, and cosmetic problems. Email support(at)jabmo.com or call your Customer Success Manager Within 4 hours