Boost your revenue with Jabmo ABM. The most comprehensive solution for Account-Based Marketing.

The new Expandi Jabmo ABM platform is a game-changer for your marketing and sales teams. Find and engage with ready to buy accounts using superior insights, personalised messages and an easy to use omni-channel marketing platform.

Why Jabmo ABM?

Global Approach

Identify, target and maximise the audience reach with the only non-US centric ABM platform that includes and tracks country specific IP addresses not only company Head Quarters IP addresses and multi-language intent.

Buyer Intent

Identify your ideal accounts’ position in the buying journey, prioritise them and customise messages thanks to the integration with the only multi-language and local channel buyer intent platform.


Reach the entire buying committee with zero waste ads and personalised messages thanks to the integration with our award-winning Account-based Advertising (ABA) platform.

Website personalization

Personalise messages and website experiences means an increase on site visit time, higher engagement with prospects, targeted CTAs that will lead to an increase in conversion.

Lookalike audiences

Gain visibility on unknown prospects. Tap into new accounts, extend your market reach with the Lookalike prospecting tool. Thanks to the multiple filtering options you can carve the audience that is right for you.

Consolidated Reporting

Gain visibility and maximise campaign performance with a consolidated omni-channel marketing reporting view. Integration with the most important third-party tools such as emailing, aba, social, telemarketing, etc.

Power the Success of your Marketing and Sales teams

Drive awareness and engagement with key accounts.

Accelerate sales of strategic products and solutions with your most valuable accounts. Run hyper-targeted campaigns using highly personalised messages.

Awards and Recognitions

2024 Top ABM vendor
Frost Radar™:
Account-based Marketing Platforms

2024 Top ABM vendor
Martech Vendor Spotlight Report

2024 Top ABM vendor
Enterprise Account-Based Marketing Tools: A Marketer’s Guide Report

4.4 Stars rating

2022 Top ABM vendor
Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
for Account-2022 Based Marketing Platforms report

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