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Save money on marketing staff & agency fees.

Account-based marketing is a new approach that requires expertise and discipline to be successful.


Jabmo provides a subscription-based managed service to save you money on staff and see results within months. 


Categories Tasks and deliverables
ABM Strategy Define business goals for target account journey management, including how it complements the existing go-to-market strategy; audit your existing processes, technology platforms, and integrations; articulate metrics, goals, and frequency of reporting; recommend organizational changes, including skills development and sourcing.
Program design Develop segmentation strategies; analyze and develop target account tiers; define buyer journeys; analyze and audit content.
Implementation Setup and configure the Jabmo ABM Platform, integrate with Website, CRM, Marketing Automation and other tools as required and generally through APIs and Packages.
Integrations Integrate the Jabmo platform with CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Email and Website systems.
Program development Design omni-channel account-based marketing programs for specific business goals (e.g., Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Adoption, Competition Killer)
Content and creative Design campaigns; repurpose marketing content (retargeting ads, display ads, and email templates, graphics, icons, infographics, white papers, animations, videos).
Program execution Execute individual campaigns (e.g., build segments, create and send ads); generate performance reports, monitor account coverage, monitor ad delivery and manage data hygiene.

ABM Managed Services

Managed Service Description
Audience Builder Our experts pull together data from all your key account contact points to build actionable marketing audiences for your ABM programs and campaigns. As the volume of your data grows, we build new segments for greater personalization and relevance.
Content Repurpose We repurpose your marketing assets to generate ads and content with Commercial Insight that gets engagement.
A/B Testing Our consultants turn ideas into powerful tests. Our A/B split marketing services help you continuously drive more account engagement without increasing ad spend.
CRM Integration Our technical experts leverage our CRM integration packages to build bi-directional data flows between Jabmo and your CRM. Integration services include sandbox and production installation, validation, training and support.
Website Personalization Our consultants work with your marketing and development teams to document your website personalization strategy and plan. Our technical experts work with your developers to leverage the Jabmo API and documentation to execute your personalization campaigns.
Personalized Banner Ads Our creative team will provide consulting and in-house creation of a creative from scratch and provide all the elements such as images, logos and call to actions (CTAs). The consulting services we provide includes the implementation of an external tracker/pixel, 3rd party tag, and brand category.

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