The need for accurate intent data

GEFCO Group is a global leader in supply chain solutions and a leading provider of integrated automotive logistics in Europe. Serving over 10 industries, including aviation, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare, GEFCO offers fully integrated services and a truly global, multimodal network that spans five continents. The company’s goal is to play an innovative role in supply chain transformation, helping customers address evolving challenges and industry needs.

The Challenge

Serving companies across a broad range of industries, GEFCO is dedicated to creating solutions that meet the specific requirements of each and every client. This dedication also extends to GEFCO’s marketing efforts, where its messaging aims to speak to the unique pain points and challenges of their global customers and prospects. But like most B2B organizations today, GEFCO was contending with increasingly longer, more complex sales cycles. Moreover, potential buyers were no longer just individuals. Instead, the marketing team had to reach and engage with buying groups of up to 30 decision-makers—each preferring to conduct anonymous research online before ever interacting with the sales team. This shift in buying behavior made it nearly impossible to track website visitors, assess buying intent, or engage with buyers early enough to guide their digital journey. It was also imperative for the marketing team to track and demonstrate the results of their efforts to get continued support from internal stakeholders. With most marketing technology today, it’s difficult to quantify sales impact or definitively prove ROI. Vincent Daosisavanh, Digital Marketing Manager at GEFCO, explained, “Historically, B2B marketing teams in large companies like ours have focused on pretty standard tactics like website SEO, downloads, events and newsletters. But those actions are losing power. Sending a newsletter, for instance, is becoming less and less effective. And it’s very difficult to measure results with SEO, let alone use all that technical data to inform sales.” So GEFCO set out to look for a solution that would enable the marketing team to identify, target, and engage with key account decision-makers, as well as measure their success—and digital account-based marketing (ABM) was the natural choice.


GEFCO selected the ABM technology platform and services of Jabmo, the global leader in ABM for manufacturing, life sciences, and other B2B industries that rely on complex sales for growth. They worked together to implement a powerful solution and strategy, beginning by building awareness and engagement through account-based IP display advertising and website personalization for 50 target accounts. With Jabmo, GEFCO does not have to wait for key accounts to visit their website to begin engagement. They send highly targeted display ads to known and unknown buying group members across digital channels, based on their company IP address. Then when key accounts engage with the ads and visit the GEFCO website, Jabmo’s proprietary IP sensing technology identifies them and delivers personalized, relevant messaging and offers—developing continued engagement and leading them along the buyer’s journey. . “We don’t want our key accounts to have a standard experience on our website,” explained Vincent. “For example, if a global cosmetics company visits our site, we want them to see specific images, specific content, and a specific journey and path. Now that’s all possible thanks to the work we’re doing with Jabmo.”


In just 3 years, Jabmo’s ABM solution transformed GEFCO’s marketing strategy. GEFCO was able to reach target accounts and achieved 67% increased engagement with relevance messaging that was impossible before ABM. They saw two key benefits that, ultimately, go hand in hand. The first: sales and marketing alignment. Through Jabmo’s omnichannel account-data platform, GEFCO’s marketing and sales team tracks engagement beyond the clicks, website visits and downloads. They map activity across all channels by account in Jabmo’s interactive dashboards and visualize buying intent signals to determine next steps—from the content they have engaged with, to each and every webpage they viewed. And with Jabmo’s real-time engagement alerts and personalized reports, sales team members can prioritize those accounts getting ready to buy and jump in with timely, relevant offers to increase win rate by about 13%, get meetings and close bigger deals (approximately 20% larger). The second is in proving marketing power. Using Jabmo’s ROI analysis tools, the GEFCO marketing team set up ABM versus control groups to

measure campaign performance—and clearly demonstrate the ABM campaign’s impact on sales outcomes, opportunities, revenue growth, pipeline growth and more. The marketing team leverages these insights to double down on their most successful creatives and campaigns. Ultimately, account-based marketing has allowed GEFCO to reach a whole new level of engagement with decision-makers in target accounts across industries. Through the Jabmo account-sensing technology and tailored messaging, they are successfully transforming anonymous B2B buyers from target accounts into revenue.

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