The new Expandi Jabmo Account-based Marketing Platform

The only comprehensive solution and platform for Account-Based Marketing

ABM Platform

The new Expandi Jabmo ABM platform is a game-changer for your marketing and sales teams empowering your ABM strategy and programs. You can identify and select, in one single place, your priority accounts using intelligent insights on their purchase intent. You can engage with them planning and executing effective omnichannel digital marketing activities, set sales alert and analyse and report results.

The only non-US centric ABM platform that includes and tracks country specific IP addresses not only company Head Quarters IP addresses and multi-language intent.

For One-to-One, One-to-Few, and One-to-Many ABM, your platform of choice is Jabmo ABM.


Drive awareness and engagement with key accounts

Our ABM Platform allows you to accelerate sales of strategic products and solutions with your most valuable accounts. Thanks to the full integration with our Account-based Advertising platform you can run hyper-targeted advertising campaigns on your accounts using highly personalised messages.

Grow your business with account-based marketing

Designed to empower your ABM program, reach key accounts, build a personal customer experience, and grow revenue.


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