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Director of Engineering at Jabmo

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By Mark Durante, Director of Engineering at Jabmo

Written while working from home in Paris, France

Updated May 6th, 2020

Over the last couple of months, we watched the COVID-19 pandemic change the way companies buy and sell around the world. Trade shows, events and travel were abruptly cancelled, and companies asked many of their employees to work from home (WFH).

Given that marketers suddenly felt unable to engage and educate their key accounts with the usual “analog” sales and marketing channels, our company experienced a spike in interest in our IP-based target account advertising solutions.  One of the questions we heard is “if our key accounts are working from home, how will they see our account-based display advertising and how will we know that it works?”.

With over 4 months of “before and after” data now available, I thought it may be useful to share the aggregate marketing engagement data from over 50 global manufacturers and technology companies that used the Jabmo ABM Platform from January through April 2020.

As you can see from this chart below, Account-based IP advertising continued to perform well throughout March and April 2020. In fact, our customers even experienced an increase in their advertising engagement, possibly driven by the fact that target account buying teams had more time to do their research online.

The reason that IP-based account-based advertising continues to perform well while employees work from home is due to the fact that most big companies require their employees to use corporate VPNs. These corporate VPNs use the official corporate IP addresses for consuming content (including websites and advertising) while working online. Without proper protection, employees connected to a business’ network from home may be putting corporate information at risk. This is because accessing the internet over a completely public network—i.e., through a home internet service provider (ISP)—exposes devices and online activity to bad actors.

Marketers that focus their ABM programs on smaller accounts probably experienced a negative impact due to lower VPN use in SMB’s. Luckily, global enterprise manufacturers and tech companies tend to focus their ABM programs on large existing accounts with a high level of VPN usage.

Looking at this data and the surge in interest we have seen in ABM over the last few weeks, I think most enterprise marketers will come out of this pandemic stronger -through an accelerated transformation of their marketing and sales practices.


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