Does your Website have Prosopagnosia?

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There’s one salesperson on your team who is always available, always ready to respond to prospects, has been around for a long time, and has a lot of content. Not surprisingly, it’s your number one salesperson, used by every prospect, and never goes on their Club trip.
Unfortunately, that sales person has been clinically diagnosed with prosopagnosia, or the inability to recognize a face.  It greets your biggest Financial Services target account the same exact way it welcomes your smallest Industrial Manufacturing early stage prospect.
Sure all the content is there for your FinServ prospect if they take the time to navigate and search for it, but your site bounce rate clearly indicates they’re too busy or impatient for that.
The opportunity to recognize accounts, particularly your sales team’s key target accounts, and present them with content that is personalized to their industry, their challenges, their anxieties, and their ambitions can increase visitor engagement by over 100%.  Does that matter? Is it really worth the time and effort?
You are most likely investing  valuable time and money to drive visitors to your site and to improve the content on your site.  It’s only common sense that you connect those site visitors,  that you’ve already invested in, to the best most effective content you have. They will feel recognized and understood.
Is it necessary to write all new content? Not necessarily. The wisest investment decision for 2017 should not be “pay for more site traffic or a content refresh”. It should be “How can I best greet website visitors with the content I already have.”  And the best part, is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as loading an image that will resonate with a vertical can work.  If you’re using a homepage slider, why not start with what makes the most sense for that customer?
Your site probably already has all the content, all you need is a prescription to cure prosopagnosia.
At Jabmo, you give us 100ms, we’ll tell you who the site visitor is, their size, industry and whether they are an account your sales team cares about.  We can work with your web team to address your key verticals, get the right content and images, and truly capitalize on all those recent traffic acquisition and content investments. Best part is, not only will your number one sales person thank you, so will the rest of your sales team, and your CEO.
– By Rich Flati, VP Customer Success

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